Qatar University (QU) recently participated in The Challenge and Innovation Forum (CIF) 2021.

The Challenge and Innovation Forum (CIF), is considered a unique event in the region. It includes a number of competitions, events, and interactive science programs aimed at motivating and encouraging inventors, from all over the world, to participate in this huge event.

In its first session, which was held at the Qatar National Convention Center from 7-8 November. Several professors and engineers from Qatar University also participated as arbitrators and mentors for the projects participating in the forum.

Dr. Hareb Al-Jabri, Assistant Head of Technology Marketing at the President’s Office at Qatar University: “Our participation in the Challenge and Innovation Forum, which is organized by the Ministry of Sports and youth , displayed
the participations that will be transformed into start-up companies which will contribute to support the society and boost country’s economy.”
“Qatar University has participated among more than 100 projects from more than 38 different countries,” he added.
Among the most prominent projects participating in the forum is the graduation project for electrical engineering students: Shahd Ghabin Al-Hajjawi, Nada Abu Ghannam, Ghada Al-Nuaimi, under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Chaudhry.

It is a project to build a device to support the respiratory system so that it helps the patient in the breathing process or controls the breathing process completely. This device has two modes, the first mode (CNEP mode) helps expand the surface area of the lung when inhaling and keeps the alveoli open when exhaling. While the other mode (NPV + NEEP mode) controls the breathing process completely by controlling the movement of the respiratory muscles, where the patient’s breathing can be made slower, faster or deeper.

It can also act as a support device for current ventilators called PPVs because it enhances the normal breathing process and therefore the patient needs less pressure than PPV and less oxygen supply.

The forum also included a number of activities, such as an exhibition for futuristic and intelligence devices, workshops to attract and motivate young to get involved in the fields of science and innovation, and much more.