Qatar University is delighted to join The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) University Network (SUN) to promote research, knowledge transfer and education in sport integrity in Qatar and in the region.
Sport is an integral component on the agenda of the state of Qatar. It is central to the urban regeneration and country’s international branding. It is also one of the sustainability feature of Qatar’s international strategy and diplomacy. Qatar has earned a prominent reputation as a sport hub and has become renowned for attracting and organizing many of the world’s most exciting sports events. Therefore, sport has become a source of investment for the country in sport broadcasting, sport event management, community and elite sport development.
Sport is at the heart of Qatar University identity, represented by Sport Science Program at College of Arts and Sciences, Physical Education Department at College of Education, and Sport Affairs Department.
Sport Science Program (SSP) program offers BSc in Sport Science with two majors, Exercise Science and Sport Management. It designed to address several different disciplines from applied sciences to social sciences, focusing on four components: (1) physical activity and active living, (2) exercise for healthy and clinical populations, (3) elite sport and performance, (4) sport in society and business of sport. To do so, it combines interdisciplinary subjects including physiology, psychology, movement analysis and biomechanics, nutrition, business and management, sociology of sport, and research skills. Graduates from the SSP are trained for careers in a range of sectors including sport and health provision, sport management and marketing, sport development, community sport, elite sport performance, and school sport.
The mission of the B.Ed. Program in Physical Education department in College of Education is to prepare prospective teachers to be reflective practitioners, with excellence in pedagogy and expertise in the field of Physical Education equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for high quality teaching and learning. Through a motivating, interactive, research, and practiced-based learning environment the program blends theory, reflective practice, and technology. The department prepare Physical Education teachers and practitioners who are skilled, competent, and committed to the development and enhancement of Physical Education in schools as well as contributing towards improving people’s physical activity, health and wellbeing whether for healthy people and people with special needs
The Sports Activities Department is committed to providing sports, wellness, leadership and other educational programming, in order to promote opportunities that strengthen individuals and the university community. Its values include 1) creating programs and opportunities for personal and physical development, enrichment, health and wellness that promote a life-long commitment to sports and activities; 2) building positive relationships with students, faculty, staff, administrators and the Qatari community; 3) achieving excellence in services, facilities, and educational programs.
The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) and Qatar University (QU) have formalized their existing relationship by signing a cooperation agreement. On this occasion, Dr. Hassan Rashid Al-Dirham Qatar University’s President stated, “Qatar University is highly committed to promote values of sport integrity in teaching, research and community outreach. Our students in Sport Science and Physical Education are trained in values of good governance, in research ethics, sport and social inclusion. Qatar University with key partners in national Sport Sector has been actively involved in research to secure safe environment for sport fans visiting newly built stadia for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Notwithstanding here sport activities department role and mission in offering a rich sporting experience for students and faculty, as well as the whole community, thanks to the newly built sport facility at Qatar University Campus”.
Dr Ahmed Al-Emadi, Professor in Sport Management and the Dean of College of Education will be the academic lead of Expert Group in Safety and Security representing Qatar University, to contributing to SIGA white paper on Sport Integrity. Dr Ahmed Al-Emadi suggested, “The collaboration between SIGA and Qatar University will open further opportunities for research and training of students in the area of sport integrity. Sport is a strategic component of Qatar strategy for development, and the local sporting context offer interesting insight into areas of good governance in sport, safety and security, as well as youth development”


Source: Qatar University