Qatar University (QU) honored the winners of the 5th Korea International Youth Olympiad in 2020 and the winners of AKHLAQUNA Competition today at Ibn Khaldoon Hall in the presence of the Korean Ambassador and the President of Qatar University, Dr. Hassan Al-Derham.
Dr. Hassan honored the winning students of the Fifth Korea International Youth Olympiad in 2020 and the winners of AKHLAQUNA Competition in the presence of His Excellency Chang-Mo Kim, The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the State of Qatar.
The announcement of two groups of students winning five prizes, including a gold and bronze, and three special awards came in October 12, 2020. The Olympiad is one of the internationally known competitions to attract young researchers and inventors and prepare them to be future world leaders and to refine their skills and talents that will lead the era of the knowledge-based economy. The competition also aims to expand the horizons and perceptions of the participants by sharing their experiences and expertise with inventors from all over the world.
In a statement, Dr. Hassan Al-Derham, President of Qatar University said: “Today we celebrate a group of our students who have made outstanding achievements, in both; International competitions, winners of the fifth Korea International Youth Olympiad 2020 and who have initiated humanitarian initiatives with noble goals, our students’ achievement of these privileged awards is a source of pride for Qatar and Qatar University.”
The Korean ambassador said during his speech, “I would like to congratulate the awarded students on winning the gold and bronze medal and special awards at the fifth Korea International Youth Olympiad this year. You showed your brilliance and creativity. I would also extend my congratulations to Qatar University Young Scientist Center that these brilliant students must have inspired and encouraged these students to present with confidence their innovative projects to the international stage. I have no doubt that Qatar University and innovative young scientists will continue to play a very important role in further developing science of this country.”
“I look forward to seeing various ways in which the young generation of our two countries will work together to make our common future better and by doing so, to further strengthen our bilateral relationship in the years to come,” he added.
Sherifa Al Mohannadi, a student at the college of Chemical Engineering at Qatar University, won gold and a special award in the “Best of Best” category from individual entries. In addition to a special award presented by the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association for a research titled “Marine degradable plastic based on soybean by‑products”. This innovation introduces a new type of biodegradable polymer made from soybean, which can be used in multiple applications, the most important of which is safe packaging. While using an innovative type of naturally degradable plastic, it will help solve the problem of plastic waste accumulation. Sherifa worked as a research assistant at the university to complete the research, test and develop it in the laboratories of Qatar University under the supervision of specialized researchers.
High school students Sara Al-Maadeed and Sham Al-Homsi won the bronze prize and a special award in the category of “Team Competition for Creativity”, for submitting a project titled “Fabricate Biodegradable Polymer Nanocomposites for Transparent and Eco-friendly Electronics”. This project aims to manage electronic wastes by making electronic products that biodegrade naturally and quickly without harming the environment. They worked for several months to complete the project at Qatar University under the supervision of the center.
At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Noora Al-Thani, Director of the Young Scientists Center, expressed her pride in the winning students and said, “The center always seeks to provide opportunities and full support for students to participate in international conferences and competitions to present their inventions and projects that have been developed at Qatar University. This is of great benefit to them to give them the experience in project development and presentation. With its diverse research and scientific programs in the fields of research and STEAM, the center seeks to provide an environment that attracts Qatari youth. To integrate them into educational experiences that raises their academic and intellectual level, and increase their quality and competence as future leaders. The director of the center thanked the entities that believe in the center’s role in changing the direction of education and higher education, namely, UNESCO, the Doha Office, the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science, and the sponsoring program, which is the Ras Laffan Industrial City Community Outreach Program.”
The President of Qatar University honored the students of the “I appreciate” initiative, the winners of this year’s “AKHLAQUNA” competition.
It is noteworthy that the members of the “Yes, I Can” initiative carried out a series of campaigns aimed at highlighting the role of people with special needs in all social, charitable, academic, economic and environmental aspects.



Source: Qatar University