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Qatar University (QU) Health Interprofessional Education Committee (IPEC) in Qatar University, which consists of representatives of all the different healthcare schools in Qatar, has organized its fourth Interprofessional activity (IPE) for this academic semester (Spring 2021) on Pneumonia and Antibiotic Stewardship virtually on Microsoft Teams.

129 Qatar University Students and 14 facilitators Participated in this event. Professions involved in this activity are Medicine, Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences, and Public health.

This Interprofessional Education activity aims to discuss the topic of Pneumonia and Antibiotic Stewardship. The session started with an introductory video by Lead Facilitator, Clinical Assistant Professor at College of Pharmacy Qatar University, Dr. Ziad Nasr, followed by Icebreakers, where the team members introduced themselves and discussed their professional role in antimicrobial stewardship. A case discussion was then presented about a 51 years old man admitted to Hamad General Hospital’s emergency department. Students looked at his symptoms, vital signs, and lab results and discussed his treatment plan.

The learning objective of this activity was for healthcare students to understand and respect the role and responsibility of all stakeholders. An important factor was for students to comprehend the different professional scopes and functions of each healthcare team member. Students also communicated in a collaborative, responsible, and culturally sensitive manner and included all stakeholders in the decision-making process regarding patient healthcare outcomes. They exchanged knowledge/skills with other healthcare teams to promote collaborative practice when assessing, developing, and planning during the patient care process.

Lastly, Students made sure to involve all team members and patients and their family members in the decision-making phase related to planning and implementing care.

Dr. Ziad Nasr commented: “As a lead for this IPE activity, it was nice to witness how all students from various healthcare professions were able to interact together and use concepts and principles of antimicrobial stewardship to implement them within an infectious diseases case.”