Qatar University’s Office of Graduate Studies held the Graduate Orientation Day – Spring 2021 for the newly admitted graduate students, via WebEx, with the attendance of nearly 90 students.
The event program included a welcoming speech from Dr. Ahmed Al-Own, Acting Dean of Graduate Studies at College of Arts and Sciences QU. He discussed the nature of the study in the postgraduate level in comparison to the undergraduate level.
Ghada Al-Kuwari, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Office of Graduate Studies, made a presentation that included a tour of the website of Office of Graduate Studies on Qatar University website. In addition, it included a detailed explanation of some of the important policies that students must consider during their higher education studies at the university.
Dr. Mary Newsome, Assistant Dean of Graduate Learning Support, talked about the services provided to graduate students, such as workshops for writing a thesis and dissertation, as well as events that the section conducts such as TED talks, TED boot camp and others supporting activities. In addition to this she discussed the Graduate Students Blackboard Community on Qatar University website.
Dr. Sandy Rahme, Senior Graduate Programs Review Specialist, also participated by doing an overview about the types of postgraduate programs offered during the term Spring 2021. She also highlighted some academic tips on study plans and supervisions. Lastly, Aldana Al-Thani, Senior Student Affairs Specialist – Registration, discussed the services available to graduate students, such as copying, printing, copying and providing the university card, as well as an overview on obtaining textbooks in both paper and electronic types.
The event concluded with an open discussion session, during which all students’ questions were answered by the dean and assistant deans of the Office of Graduate Studies. The orientation day for graduate students is an essential step for the students towards obtaining their graduate degree, where the students can learn all the information they need to proceed through this special life-changing journey in both the academic and career-side manners.


Source: Qatar University