Qatar University (QU) eSports Club organized a virtual event titled eSports Talk #1: With Ahmad Al-Meghessib
The aim of this event was to ask a sportsman about how it is to be an eSports athlete. This interview was done so that our community at QU can know more about the gaming culture in Qatar and the MENA region, as well as get Mr. Ahmad’s opinion on where it’s going.

Syed Hamad Abbas, President of the QU eSports Club said, “We were delighted to have Mr. Ahmad Al-Meghessib as a guest speaker. It was a very joyful and exciting experience for us. He was able to shed light on the various activities that go into making an eSports star. Through this event we were also able to show our audience the importance of the eSports scene, its current status in Qatar, and where eSports is heading in the near future.”
He also added, “Mr. Ahmad also gave us good examples of things what we, as the QU eSports Club, can do to contribute to the growth of the eSports scene. He highlighted some issues that need to be solved in order for the gaming community to grow, such as how some gamers who perform well show lack of interest in participating in tournaments unless there is a massive prize pool.”

Mr. Ahmad Al-Meghessib, Guest Speaker of the event said, “It was great to have a live session with the QU eSports club. We had a long discussion about how I started my career and how the eSports community can be grown in the country. I am interested to see the QU eSports Club organise big tournaments between all universities of Qatar on certain games. Hopefully the winners of these tournaments start their eSports career and start to have a rank in the global leaderboards.

His closing remarks were, “I give my thanks to people at the QU eSports Club, and hopefully I can visit them soon!”
Mouadh Ben Abderrahim, The eSports Club Public Relations and Sponsorships Manager, said “We were delighted to have Mr. Ahmad Al-Meghessib as a guest in our first edition of eSports Talks. He joyfully shared his experiences and journeys throughout his successful career that led to his popularity in the gaming community. He was also unhesitant to support us by presenting a couple of ideas and pieces of advice in order to grow our club and potentially become an active entity in this industry. Overall, we found this interview to be very motivational and intriguing to everyone who looks up to popular eSports players and has an interest in this field. We are thankful for this opportunity and hope to see more collaborations in the future.”