Qatar University’s College of Pharmacy (QU-CPH) and Qatar Pharmacy Undergraduate Society (QPhUS) conducted a webinar entitled “ COVID-19 Creating Opportunities from a Crisis for Pharmacy Students: Discussion from Around the Globe”. The event was held successfully via WebEx platform with more than 100 attendees from around the world and more than 300 views on YouTube.
Speakers at the event included student leaders and members of pharmacy associations that are part of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation. They were: Hend Al-Naimi, QPhUS President and CPH fourth professional year student;. Ghulam Mujtaba, Member of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (PPHSF);. Wafa Othman Member of Palestinian Pharmaceutical students’ federation An-Najah National University (PSFNNU); Melissa Kieley, Canadian Association of Pharmacy student and Interns Contact Person (CAPSI); and Ismail Jomha, Vice president chairperson of the Professional Development Committee at the Lebanese Pharmacy Students’ Association (LPSA). The webinar aimed to share the different experiences by pharmacy students around the world and how pharmacy students around the globe created new stories of success despite the unprecedented circumstances the world is facing.
The opening remarks were delivered by CPH Assistant Dean for Students Affairs Dr. Alla El-Awaisi commented: “This global pandemic has affected us all in so many different ways, but the beauty is that within every crisis contains seeds of opportunities. Sometime during the crisis, it might be difficult to think but the key is to pause and reflect on what happened. How do we cope with this crisis then, what were the lessons learned and what opportunities this crisis created? how would we deal with it if it continued? how can we prepare to respond rapidly and effectively?”.
She expressed her delight listening to the different presentations saying: “It was really interesting listening to pharmacy students from different places around the globe about the challenges they faced and how they managed to create opportunities from this crisis. Well done to our future pharmacy leaders for concluding their semesters successfully, we are really proud of you.”
Hend Al-Naimi talked about how students at Qatar University, especially College of Pharmacy, succeeded in taking an advantage of the COVID-19 crisis and created opportunities. She applauded the enormous effort that has been done to succeed this challenging semester. She also discussed how this was a good opportunity to practice tele-pharmacy and educated pharmacy students to provide a high standard of care despite the circumstance.
She added: “The idea of the global webinar came after a special academic semester full of challenges and opportunities at the same time. We were curious about how other future pharmacists around the world coped with this pandemic to continue their education. Due to COVID-19, we got the chance to meet other pharmacy students and discuss this topic virtually. It was an exceptional webinar and I was impressed with the number of attendees and the positive feedback we received.”
Melissa Kieley from Canada said: “I am very thankful to have participated in this webinar which united dedicated pharmacy students from across the world to share challenges, bring forth ideas and how we can make the most of the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel as though this webinar has provided me with a global perspective and I look forward to bringing the many ideas and tips I have learned back to implement within CAPSI. This opportunity has opened my eyes to the passion for health care that is had by pharmacy students from around the globe!”
Ismail Jomha from Lebanon added: “ I really enjoyed this informative webinar that exposed us to valuable experiences in how the COVID19 pandemic was approached and tackled in different countries around the world.”
The session was moderated by. Bassant Elkattan, Bsc pharmacy graduate 2020 and QPhUS contact person who concluded by saying: “COVID-19 pandemic has touched and changed every aspect of our lives, it’s being said that being challenged is inevitable but it’s us who decides the outcome. The resilience of the education institutes and students showed us what a wonderful opportunity can be born from such a devastating crisis. I was honored to be a part of this webinar and to be able to see how much everyone is striving to do their best in these hard times and truly showing that we are all in this together.”


Source: Qatar University