Qatar University (QU) College of Pharmacy (CPH) recognizes 75 of its top students for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters by hosting a ceremony that honored their achievements. The ceremony acknowledged the efforts of pre-pharmacy and pharmacy students who made it onto the Dean’s List, by achieving a GPA of 3.5 or above. Students at the ceremony received pins and certificates to honor their academic excellence by CPH Dean Dr. Mohammad Diab in front of CPH administration, faculty, peers and family.

Dean of CPH Dr. Mohammad Diab gave an opening speech and presentation on the college’s achievements over the previous academic year, in which he said, Academic achievement is a key factor for our students who are paving their way towards a successful educational and career path as young people in our community. Therefore and in line with the college’s mission to prepare our students to provide optimal pharmaceutical care, we would like to recognize those students and honor their achievements through such an event.

CPH Assistant Dean for Students Affairs Dr. Alla El-Awaisi spoke at the event saying, Dean’s List is an academic excellence and honorary award that could only be obtained by persistent, hardworking and determined students who have focused their efforts and done their best to achieve excellence. They should be proud of themselves and they make their families, college, university and the country proud of them.

CPH graduate and current Clinical Pharmacist at Sidra Medicine Dr. Amani Alhaddad delivered a keynote speech at the ceremony saying, Qatar University College of Pharmacy graduates are distinguished on both local and international levels as the college adopts high educational standards and its program is Canadian accredited. These qualifications fostered our confidence and enabled us to feel unique and distinguished in the labor market.

Distinguished Pharmacy student Hind Al-Naimi commented saying, I am very delighted to be one of the recognized students as it truly empowers us to keep up the hard work. I believe maintaining excellent academic performance is an obligation to build a strong future career and to be one of the remarkable contributors in Qatar’s health sector.

Distinguished Doctor of Pharmacy student Aya Maklad said, “I believe that everything I have lived through during this journey has molded me into an excellent pharmacist who I am proud to be now. As I graduate, I leave this college with so much appreciation and gratitude to its faculty members who have never stopped supporting my colleagues and me and to whom, I believe; we owe our success and excellence. I am also very proud to leave as a distinguished student and I am very thankful towards the college for appreciating our hard work every year through the Dean’s List ceremony.

Source: Qatar University