Doha, – The Qatar University (QU) Annual Research Forum and Exhibition concluded Thursday at QU Research Complex. Themed “Research Beyond Boundaries”, the 2-day event aimed to address the community’s challenges through research anchored on a vibrant partnership between academia, industry and other stakeholders.

It brought together students, researchers and academics from QU and the organization’s partners and stakeholders to assess and review QU research enterprise.

Discussions focused on a wide range of topics such as “Micro-algae carbon sequestration in Qatar”, “Process Development for CO2 Capture: Bench Scale Tests of Selected Chemical Solvents”, “Life of Marine Turtle in Qatar”, and “Consanguineous Marriage Survey in Qatari Society”, among many others.

In his remarks, QU President Dr Hassan Al Derham said: “At Qatar University, we aim to achieve the objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030 in transforming our homeland into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development through the provision of quality education and excellent research opportunities and facilities.” Prof Mariam Al-Maadeed said: “Our aim is to be a noted research and learning university and in this context, we have been recording breakthroughs in our research endeavors every year with the active collaboration and support of our industry partners. The Annual Research Forum and Exhibition offered Qatar University the opportunity to address issues that are of the interest of the community through research anchored on a vibrant partnership with industry and various other stakeholders. This aligns with QU’s commitment to advance its position as a leader of economic and social development in Qatar through signed agreements and strategic partnerships with industry, government, academia, business and civil society in Qatar and beyond. These collaborations contribute to promoting quality education and research in Qatar and the region. They provide a myriad of opportunities for students to advance in their academic and research experience in their relevant disciplines in line with QU’s strategies towards improving student outcomes and maximizing their potential.” ExxonMobil Qatar President and General Manager Alistair Routledge said: “This year, we are participating in Qatar University’s Annual Research Forum and Exhibition as its platinum sponsor. The forum involves participants and presenters from multiple sectors who share a commitment to research and innovation and to learning from one another. It provides an excellent opportunity for practitioners, scientists and graduate students to display results of their research or practical work; it also enables research staff to share best practices and common issues across research institutes and centers in Qatar. We look forward to contributing to the discussion and to witnessing the forum’s success.” QAPCO Managing Director and CEO Dr Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla said: “QAPCO is pleased to support this event as research is so important both to QAPCO and to the future of Qatar – it is a way to build knowledge and enable effective learning. Participating in such event is part of QAPCO’s overarching goal of research and development for sustainability as it contributes in creating value for the company, its stakeholders and the State of Qatar.” Qatar Rail Managing Director and CEO Eng Abdullah Al Subaie said: “The partnership between Qatar Rail and Qatar University continues to grow stronger and more strategic. We strongly believe that research is vital to realize the connection between research activities and Qatar industry demands. This forum will help us all gain valuable insight into new innovations. I would like to thank Qatar University for giving Qatar Rail the opportunity to witness exciting groundbreaking research presentations.” Dolphin Energy Limited General Manager – Qatar Hassan Al-Emadi said: “We are very proud to support the Annual Research Forum and Exhibition in Qatar. As technology is progressing at breakneck speed, it is important we encourage our young talented students to embrace research in the interests of developing solutions that will help drive the industry forward. Platforms such as this exhibition are necessary to enhance students’ learning process and help put in place a roadmap for scientific progress for future generations.” (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency