QRCS Provides Medical Treatment for 1,388 Syrians in Jordan

Doha, Qatar Red Crescent (QRCS) has issued a report on the achievements of its mission in Jordan during 2016. With funding from Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), relief and medical projects worth $1.6 million (nearly QR 6 million) were implemented, in partnership with Jordan National Red Crescent Society and Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO).

Initiated in May 2016, the current phase of the dialysis program covered 8,555 dialysis sessions and 8,555 secondary consultations. Also, eight cases were hospitalized for renal complications, blood was provided for the cases with decreased levels of haemoglobin, and 21 venous catheterization procedures were performed.

Over eight months, these services benefited 827 Syrian patients with kidney failure, including 440 males and 387 females.

Five service providers were contracted to conduct the program: the Italian Hospital (Al-Karak), Al-Maqased Charity Hospital, Al-Ahli Hospital, Advanced Medical Industries, and the Islamic Hospital (Irbid).

Another program involved secondary and tertiary referrals for 420 Syrians, including six war injuries who required extended surgical treatment.

As regards obstetrics and general surgery, the program covered 116 C-sections, 35 neonatal intensive care cases, 11 surgeries, and one referral for secondary consultation.

In partnership with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) – Netherlands, an advanced ophthalmology center in Irbid was contracted to offer eye care for Syrian diabetic patients.

Till the end of 2016, a medical examination survey covered 4,000 diabetic patients for surgical intervention as feasible. So far, 443 surgeries were performed.

Source: Qatar News Agency