QOC to host Entertainment Festival for people with special needs

DOHA , The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC in collaboration with the Qatar Paralympics Committee will organize Entertainment Day for people with special needs at the Qatar Sport Club on Thursday.

The event is expected to see the participation of 150 male and female students representing a number of Paralympics centres, viz: Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs’ female education and rehabilitation centre, Noor Institute for the Blind, Doha International Center for Special Needs, and Al Tamakon School for Comprehensive Education.

Entertainment Day aims to raise the level of awareness for people with disabilities by giving them an opportunity to express their skills and capacities by participating in several sporting events.

The focus is more on entertainment than serious competitions. The celebration helps in breaking the barrier between people with disabilities and their healthy counterparts.

The festival will feature several activities dedicated to people with mental, vision and motor disabilities, including barrier races, athletics and leisure events.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee