QOC organizes Telematch Championship

DOHA, The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) through its sport Affairs Department organized the 2018 Telematch Championship at its annual winter camp (Al Enna Project ) at Sealine resort on Friday.

The QOC hosted the prestigious event in collaboration with the Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC).

The QOC Telematch Championship brought together six teams including; Friends, Al Sadd giants, Al Onabi, Al Ahli stars, Fighters and students of Ahmed bin Mohammed school.

In a festive sport scene, Mr. Nasser Al Mudahka, Head of sport activities and programs section honored the friends team with the first place and prize money reached QR 20.000, Al Sadd giants managed in the runner- up place to take QR 15.000, while the third place went to Al Ahli stars who seized QR 10.000.

The QOC’s project is bringing together individuals of Qatar society with different age groups to be involved in several sport, social and cultural events.

Al Enna is a tourism development project that aims to enhance the winter camping experience in Qatar, protect the environment, and ensure public safety.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee