QDG: Training of 1231 employees

Qatar Digital Government (QDG) training program has seen a growth in the number of beneficiaries of its training courses throughout the year, the program has trained 1231 employees in 2018. The program aims to build government competencies in the IT sector to improve the efficiency of government technology services.

QDG training program is one of the strategic initiatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications to achieve the strategy of Qatar’s digital government 2020. More than 76 government entities benefited from the services of the program last year. The most prominent governmental entities that have specialized courses for their employees were the Ministry of the Interior, Planning and Statistics Authority, Ministry of Transport Communications and the Audit Bureau.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications pointed out that the main technical training programs included 134 training courses, and achieved 118 accredited certificates, while the training program for talented technology staff trained 55 Qatari national employees, who were graduated in the first and second batch, from 14 government entities. Twenty-four executive managers participated in the Leadership Development Program for IT executives from 19 government entity.

Source: Government of Qatar