QCAA has announced that Qatar Airways and international airlines are using new air routes

The Civil Aviation Authority has announced that Qatar Airways and international airlines will begin using the new air routes for their flights, which were approved following the extraordinary meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Executive Council held last week.

The ICAO Executive Council held an extraordinary session at its headquarters in Montreal, where it reviewed the State of Qatar’s technical file on the negative impacts caused by the siege countries on aviation and air safety where emergency corridors have been facilitated to the aircraft (from and to Qatar) based on Article 54 of the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation of 1944.

The Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority, H.E Abdullah bin Nasser Turki Al Subaie, said yesterday that an important course for Qatar Airways has been activated across the international waters for which the UAE is responsible in the Arabian Gulf.

He added that most of the routes requested by the State of Qatar from the International Civil Aviation Organization have been operated, whether in the Arabian Gulf or the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman.

He revealed that the Civil Aviation Authority is currently considering new routes through international waters, which are supposed to be operated once approved by all parties, including ICAO.

Al Subaie noted that the approval of the new routes was a great success for Qatar, given its ability to convince the International Civil Aviation Organization of the importance of compliance by the siege countries to the Chicago Convention.

He said the new routes that have been approved would give more comfort and further security and safety of the aircrafts used.

The meeting of the ICAO Executive Council had urged all Member States to comply with the Chicago Convention and its Annexes and to continue to cooperation in the areas of aviation safety, security, efficiency and sustainability of international civil aviation.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar