Doha, March 12 (QNA) – Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA), in cooperation with the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC), organized a training course on ‘Airport Operations Management’, which runs through March 16.

The course, which brings together 20 employees of civil aviation authorities in African countries, and five QCAA employees, is part of the cooperation program between QCAA and AFCAC, to build the capacities of civil aviation cadres in Africa, and to develop human resources for the international civil aviation industry, as part of the State of Qatar’s strategy to contribute to the development of the civil aviation sector globally.

The course will discuss several topics, most notably introducing airports and the local systems for airport management, various airport departments and their roles in the success of the airport management system, in addition to the airstrip management and safety procedures, and international standards related to safety at airports, as well as aircraft accidents and their investigation.

Also, among the topics to be addressed will be the most important procedures and steps for airport accreditation and licensing, the management of airport buildings and lounges, and the standards of the International Air Transport Association in the management of these buildings, in addition to discussing quality management systems in airports, crisis and disaster management and ways to confront and fully prepare for them.

This year’s program includes two training courses to round off an agreed program with AFCAC to train about 100 trainees from African civil aviation authorities. Last year’s program included three training courses.

Source: Qatar News Agency