The Emiri Land Force of Qatar, concluded the Nasr 2017 exercise, which was held in the Al Galayel area, under the patronage of Minister of State for Defence Affairs, Dr Khalid bin Mohammed Al Attiyah, in the presence of Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General, Pilot Ghanem bin Shaheen Al Ghanim.

The Directorate of Moral Guidance, at the Ministry of Defence, said in a statement, that, all the commanders and branches of the Emiri Land Force, the Brigade of Jassim bin Mohammed, the Emiri Guard, and units of the Armed Forces, took part in the two-week exercise.

Exercise Manager, Brig. Gen. Shayeq Mesfer Al Hajeri, said, the Nasr 2017 exercise focused on training commanders and staff, to assess, plan, support and carry out operations to repel aggression, airdrop and incursions and to prevent infiltration and restore the situation in vital areas.

Al Hajeri said, the exercise also contributed to raising the capabilities of the participants in the command, coordination and control, the general staff, reconnaissance and logistics, in addition to strengthening the ability to analyse the actions of the enemy, in the area of operations and increase interaction and harmony between ground forces and other units participating in the exercise.

The exercise Manager pointed out that, the idea of the exercise was designed to achieve the mission of the Emiri Land Force, the Brigade of Jassim bin Mohammed, the Emiri Guard and the Armed Forces in defending the state’s land and its vital, economic, strategic and infrastructure facilities, by repelling ground operations and airdrop, and intercept and repel sea and air penetrations, both at night and day

Source: NAM News Network