Qatar’s Ambassador To Oman: The Gulf Crisis Reshaped the Economic Map in the Region

Muscat/information office /19 August 2017 / HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Sultanate of Oman Ali bin Fahad Al Hajri, praised the distinguished bilateral relations between the State of Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman.

He pointed that the current situation following the Gulf crisis has redirected the compass to the Sultanate’s position and its ports as an important strategic choice for the State of Qatar, stressing that the situation following the Gulf crisis has reshaped the economic map of the region.

In an interview with Oman Business and Economy magazine, HE the ambassador praised the role of the Sultanate in the aftermath of the current crisis in the Gulf region, which has contributed to the strengthening of economic and trade relations.

He stressed that the Omani-Qatari relations are strong and historic relations at all levels and that the directives of the leadership in the two countries push to strengthen these relations in all aspects, including the economic aspects. He pointed out that there are government and semi-governmental companies working to strengthen this cooperation.

Al Hajri said that the current conditions in the Gulf region resulting from the siege on Qatar by our brothers in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain have greatly contributed to increasing communication between businessmen in the two countries and to benefiting from available opportunities as well as to enhancing economic cooperation and trade.

He explained that many of the meetings were organized both at the level of delegations or at the level of individuals, and this communication is what we aspired to. The Qatari traders and businessmen recognized the strategic importance of the Sultanate and the importance of its ports, stressing that the economic cooperation between the State of Qatar and Oman is a new phase of an old partnership.

He pointed out that Qatar had imported many of its consumer needs through neighboring countries. In the wake of the current crisis and the closure of sea and land borders, Qatar was forced to seek alternative options. Omani ports were the most important of these options, he said.

He also praised the role played by brothers in the Sultanate of Oman, who contributed to providing all the required facilities, where alternative shipping lines were launched directly between Hamad Port and Sohar and Salalah ports in order to cover the food supply, goods, project requirements, and to ensure that the movements of ships and cargos will not be influenced by the taken measures as well as the measure taken for airlines.

HE the Ambassador said that the role of the Sultanate has had a great impact on Qataris and this was not surprising. The current crisis has shown that we need to strengthen our economic and investment relations with the Sultanate and benefit from its strategic position, he said.

Al Hajri said that the current circumstances resulting from the crisis between the State of Qatar on one hand and the siege countries, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, on the other hand, opened the door between businessmen in the Sultanate and the State of Qatar to promote economic cooperation and trade exchange and to benefit from the available opportunities through the establishment of alliances and partnerships in Economic, trade and investment fields.

HE Qatar’s ambassador to Oman explained that the new reality imposes the necessity of pushing relations to greater and more welcoming levels. He pointed out that the Sultanate’s ports will be the new gateway for Qatari imports and that the moves witnessed by the countries have contributed to enhancing trade exchange.

He underlined the need to strengthen economic and trade relations in all sectors pointing that the current crisis has shown that it is necessary to focus on the issue of self-sufficiency. There are joint stock companies between the two countries and it is important to strengthen and expand their capital, or increase the production capacities of existing companies, and to establish greater cooperation to reach self-sufficiency, whether through the opening of new factories in the Sultanate which would be complementary to those in Qatar or vice versa, he said.

He went on to say that the period after the eruption of the crisis has witnessed a great coordination period at all levels between the officials of the two countries and the response of the brothers in the Sultanate was in fact very much expected. Ambassador Al Hajri expressed hope that Omani companies would compete strongly to enter the open Qatari market. He also praised the positions of the “brothers in Kuwait”.

HE The Ambassador said that there is continuous cooperation between the chambers of commerce in the State of Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman, which contributed to the organization of many visits which in turn have played a major role in the signing of several agreements and the establishment of joint partnerships and alliances. He expressed confidence that this will double the volume of trade exchange between the two countries and this is the beginning of a new phase of the economic relations, pointing that both sides believe in the importance of benefiting from the opportunities which are available in the two countries.

He pointed out that the State of Qatar’s preparations to organize the World Cup can create more opportunities for Omani companies, calling on businessmen in both countries to work directly and look for opportunities without the need to wait support from government institutions.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs