Qatari volunteers participate in distributing Qatar Charity’s winter aid


Many volunteers, media figures, social media influencers, and social activists expressed their happiness for taking part, as Qatar Charity’s delegation members, in distributing aid to the Syrian refugees near the Turkish-Syrian border, as part of Qatar Charity’s ‘Warmth and Peace’ winter drive.

They emphasized the importance of getting involved in humanitarian work on the ground to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the vulnerable, assess their needs closely, and apprise the benefactors in Qatar on their hardship.

“We, through conveying what we saw on the ground, aim to acquaint the people with the pain of those going through a very challenging time, and raise awareness among our children and others about the vulnerable who are unable to meet their simplest needs, which are considered very unimportant to us,” said Dr. Hamad Al-Jaber, supervisor of the Nebras initiative. He added that this visit had a very positive impact on him, encouraging people to get involved in humanitarian work and pay such visits.

Participating in the aid convoys of Qatar Charity on the ground in Turkey, Asma Al Hammadi, a Qatari media figure, urged the people in Qatar to contribute to Qatar Charity’s ‘Warmth and Peace’ campaign to help the largest possible number of Syrian refugees and displaced persons. She also thanked Qatar Charity for allowing her to be closer to the vulnerable to assess their needs.

She indicated that the refugees’ situation, which she saw three years ago, has become further worse, due to the economic and climatic conditions. She also said that the temperatures, which began to dip further low, would bring additional suffering to the refugees and the displaced, noting that they are in urgent need of shelter, food, and medicine.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Harami, indicated that charitable work, with the support of the benefactors in Qatar, is going on, sending a message from the Elbeyli camp to the donors in Qatar to continue supporting Qatar Charity’s ‘Warmth and Peace’ campaign, in light of the growing needs and challenging economic conditions of the vulnerable.

“This visit allowed me to participate in distributing the aid of the people of Qatar to Syrian refugees through the aid convoys of Qatar Charity’s “Warmth and Peace” campaign,” said Mr. Hamad Jassim, media person, beIN SPORTS. He noted that his visit to the Elbeyli camp revealed that the aid of Qatar’s benefactors continuously reaches the refugees living in the camp.

“I was honored to be part of Qatar Charity’s delegation visiting a Syrian refugee camp where there is a growing need in the field of food and medicine,” said Mr. Mohammed Ghanem Al-Mohannadi expressing his delight with distributing aid to the refugees.

“It is our duty, as journalists, to shed light on the suffering of refugees and the displaced to mobilize support for them,” Mr. Muhammad Al-Hammadi, a journalist at Qatar TV.

“We are distributing the donations of the benefactors in Qatar to the refugees to contribute to alleviating their winter suffering,” said Mr. Mohsen Jassim – Wakra Live, adding that everyone can carry out charitable work.


Source: Qatar Charity