Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority (SCA), is committed to the state’s decision, to ban all Qatari ships within the Suez Canal’s economic zone, chairman of SCA, Mohab Mamish, said.

In a press statement, Mamish said that, all Qatari vessels are banned from harbouring at the Suez Canal’s economic zone, for national security reasons.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar on June 5, and imposed punitive measures, accusing the gas-rich country of “supporting terrorism and interfering in their internal affairs.”

The four Arab countries then issued a list of 13 demands to end rift with Doha, including the closing down of Al-Jazeera television and reducing diplomatic ties with Iran.

The Arab quartet confirmed Qatar’s “intransigence and rejection” to any settlement, adding that, the intransigence of Qatar reflects its association with terrorist organisations, as well as, continued attempts to sabotage and undermine security and stability in the Gulf and the region.

Meanwhile, Mamish said, the decision does not include a ban on passing through the canal, as under the Constantinople 1869 agreement, it is illegal to ban ships coming from any country from passing through.

The revenues of the zone will not be negatively affected by the ban, due to the low number of Qatari ships already docking at the ports.

Egypt’s administration, led by President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, is at odds with Qatar for the latter has allegedly supported and hosted fleeing members of the Muslim Brotherhood group, an organisation currently blacklisted by the Egyptian government.

The Brotherhood supports former Islamist President, Mohamed Morsi, who was toppled by the military in July 2013, in response to mass protests

Source: NAM News Network