Bahrain’s High Criminal Court, today decided to adjourn until Jan 4, the case of Ali Salman Ali Ahmed, Hasan Ali Juma Sultan and Ali Mahdi Ali Al Aswad, on charges of contacts with Qatari intelligence, Advocate General, Osama Al Aufi, said.

The three suspects were charged with establishing foreign intelligence links, to commit subversive acts against Bahrain and undermine its political, economic position and national interests, with the purpose of overthrowing the government.

The suspects also passed national defence secrets, on to a foreign country. They accepted financial sums from a foreign country, to supply it with military secrets and information, pertaining to the Kingdom’s internal affairs. They deliberately spread false rumours, aimed to weaken the financial confidence in Bahrain, to damage its national sovereignty and financial reputation abroad.

Today’s hearing was held in a public session, in compliance with the law provisions. The first defendant appeared in court along with his attorneys, who requested more time to study and hear witnesses’ testimonies.

The court decided to adjourn the case to Jan 4, to hear the testimonies of the first and fourth witnesses, and assign one of the jury members to hear testimonies of the second and third witnesses

Source: NAM News Network