Qatari Coast Guard boats find the missing Iraqi Sandal


Basra, The MP for Basra Governorate, Kadhem Finjan Al-Hamami, confirmed today, Friday, that the Qatari coast guard boats found yesterday the missing Iraqi barge, which was towed by the tugboat (Dilma), indicating that it towed it to a safe place in the port. (Al-Ruwais) is waiting for the arrival of his Iraqi owner to return it to Basra.

Al-Hamami mentioned that the Sandal is in good condition, while the fate of the tug (Dilma) remains unknown, and it is suspected that it did not completely sank.

Al-Hamami added, the emergency center in Bahrain was forced to issue a navigational warning to commercial ships moving between Ras Tanura and the northern islands of Qatar and Bahrain.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency