Qatari Astronomer Discusses Mysteries of Space at Qatar National Library

Sheikh Salman bin Jabr Al-Thani, one of Qatar’s most renowned astronomers, shed light on the mysteries of space and how to analyze astronomical phenomena in an engaging lecture held at Qatar National Library on 19 October.

Participants exchanged lively conversation with Sheikh Salman as he shared the science behind studying space and the latest scientific advancements in the field during the event, which was part of the Library’s monthly theme Exploring Space.

Shaima Khouri, who took part in the event, said: The universe is very expansive and we know very little about it. We can only improve our understanding of the universe by attending such lectures, and it is very important that the Library has organized this lecture.

Awad Mohamed, a participant in the workshop, said: I am always interested to study the world from a scientific point of view. I enjoy listening to experts who combine scientific knowledge with their experience to simplify the understanding of the universe for the people, and that is exactly what Sheikh Salman presented in his lecture today.

Source: Qatar National Library