Qatari Aljazeera’s double-standard; subversive role exposed


Manama, Parliament Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security Committee Chairman Mp Mohammed Al Sisi Al Bouainain exposed the double-standard approach adopted by Qatari-funded Aljazeera TV Channel.


“The channel continues spreading lies about the conditions in Bahrain, while blatantly turning a blind eye on the gross violations of inmates’ rights in Qatar Central Prison”, he said.


He underlined the  absence of a representative parliament that oversees   the executive authorities in Qatar, pointing out Aljazeera’s subversive role  and conspiracy against all Arab Gulf states with the approval of the Doha authorities.


He highlighted human rights strides which earned Bahrain international recognition international forums, adding that the Kingdom continuously works to enhance its ability to respond immediately to any complaint.


He said that Bahrain has launched  a number of national mechanisms to independently promote and protect human rights, such as the The Ombudsman Office, the Bahrain  Prisoner and Detainee Rights Commission (PDRC), and the National Institution for Human Rights.


He pointed out the continuous hostile campaigns orchestrated by Qatari Al-Jazeera channel, which ignores human rights violations and the ill-treatment of Bahraini sailors in Qatar’s prisons, and the denial of their most basic rights to living and cleanliness, in addition to torture and long imprisonment without a fair trial.


“The channel continues its subversive role in inciting and plotting against the countries of the region and broadcasting false news about the human rights situation in the Kingdom of Bahrain”, he said.


He said that a number of human rights organizations around the world, are urging the Qatari authorities to take urgent measures to provide better protection for inmates against the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Central Prison in Doha, reduce the number of prisoners, enforce social distancing, ensure access to information and medical care, and establish protocols for personal hygiene.


“These organisations did not make the same recommendations to the reformation and rehabilitation centres in Bahrain”, he said, adding that Aljazeera, by broadcasting lies and interfering in the internal affairs, has become a tool that subverts the efforts exerted by the Gulf states and the region.


He pointed out Bahrain adopts a policy of non-interference, adding that the Kingdom will not allow any side to interfere blatantly in its internal affairs.


Source: Bahrain News Agency