Qatar Wins Best International Project Award in Traffic Safety

The State of Qatar, represented by the National Committee for Traffic Safety, has achieved a major international achievement in the field of traffic safety by winning the Best International Project Award in the “Road Safety and Sustainable Transport Management in Qatar” in Chartered Institute of Highway and Transportation “CIHT” Competition, in England. Brigadier General Engineer Mohammed Abdullah Al Malki, Secretary of the National Committee for Traffic Safety has received the Award from Mr. Matthew Log, the President of the Institute.

Qatar deserves this Award in light of its success in the application of international standards and scientific understanding of accurate and non-conventional requirements to reduce the traffic problems identified by the United Nations as a disaster threatening modern societies and the requirements of building an integrated transport sector, the development of practical field mechanisms that help stakeholders in that framework, the creation of a relationship with the international community and the United Nations to share successful global experiences, as well as the strengthening of the system of quarterly evaluation and follow-up through the establishment of the National Bureau of Traffic Safety.

Source: Government of Qatar