Qatar Welcomes UNGA’s Resolution Recognizing Palestine As A Non-Member Observer State

Doha, November 30 (QNA) – The State of Qatar has welcomed the historic resolution the UN General Assembly has adopted early Friday  when it voted overwhelmingly to grant and upgrade Palestine’s request to a non-member observer state as a highly significant step on the way for restoring the Palestinian rights and a victory to the international law and international legitimacy.
This came in a statement by a Foreign Ministry Official Source to Qatar News Agency (QNA) Friday.
The source lauded the brave steps taken by these countries which supported the Palestinian bid and called upon those countries voting against to reconsider their resolution since the current resolution does not run in counter to the negotiations but rather establishes a clearcut basis, namely the return of the lands occupied in 1967, and which have become lands of the Palestinian occupied state , to their legitimate owners. 
The official source of the ministry of foreign affairs meantime voiced hope the UN Security Council would consider positively to Palestine’s request to gain the full-fledged membership to the UN according to the international legitimacy resolutions and called upon all the Palestinian parties to seize the issue of such a UNGA’s resolution and unify their ranks , expediate and complete the national reconciliation process, work on forming the unified Palestinian government and maintain the supreme national interests.
The source reiterated Qatar’s firm stand based on the fact that comprehensive and just peace would only be achieved via implementation of the international legitimacy related resolutions and enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their legitimate and national rights foremost the establishment of their independent state on their national soil with Al Quds Ash-Sharif (Holy city of Al Quds) as its capital. (QNA)

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