Qatar Welcomes U.S. President’s Call to Create Safe Zones in Syria

Doha, The Foreign Ministry welcomed U.S. President Donald Trump’s call to create safe zones in Syria.

Speaking to QNA, Foreign Ministry Media Office Director, HE Ambassador Ahmad bin Saeed Al Rumaihi, said the ministry welcomes the U.S. intention to sign an executive decision to draw a plan for the establishment of safe zones in Syria.

The ambassador reiterated the need to provide safe havens in Syria and impose no-fly zones that ensure the safety of civilians in line with international resolutions, and protect the Syrian people from the machine of destruction and mass displacement.

On Astana talks that concluded recently, HE the ambassador expressed hope that the outcomes will help in strengthening the ceasefire, stressing the need to establish an effective and practical monitoring mechanism to pave the way for Geneva talks.

Source: Qatar News Agency