Qatar Urges International Community to End Violations and Crimes Committed Against Syrian People

Geneva, -The State of Qatar has strongly denounced the Syrian authorities’ prevention of the International Independent Investigation Commission on the Syria from entering the country in order to carry out its tasks , and said that it is a shame that the international community remain a spectator to the humanitarian catastrophe and gross violations and atrocities committed by the Syrian regime and its allies against the Syrian people for more than five years, and is so helpless to stop the bloodshed and save the Syrian people and to hold accountable all who are guilty.

Qatar also called for taking all necessary actions at all international forums, particularly the UN Security Council in order to put an end to the violations and crimes committed against the Syrian people, and give a glimmer of hope that they have human rights still lingering and they deserve protection and that the international community should work tirelessly in order to protect and promote these rights.

This came in Qatar’s speech delivered today by HE Ambassador Faisal bin Abdullah Al Henzab Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations and other International Organizations Office at Geneva at the 32nd Session of the Human Rights Council on “interactive dialogue with the International Independent Investigation Commission on Syria. “

HE Ambassador Al Henzab said that Qatar calls on the international community to remember, in light of the serious deterioration of the situation of human rights in Syria, which referred to by the “update”, including hundreds of thousands of dead and arrested, and the millions of displaced persons and refugees, mostly women and children, and the collapse of almost complete structure infrastructure and services, that all this is a great price paid by the Syrians for demanding freedom and democracy and the elimination of injustice and tyranny.

Source: Qatar News Agency