On the occasion of Ramadan, Dr. Ahmad Haji Safar, Qatar University (QU) Professor in the Arabic Department, College of Arts and Sciences along with QU’s Communications & Public Relations Department, put together a Ramadan Segment for the university community, to draw the attention of the Holy Quran reader, to discover it’s unique linguistic and rhetorical aspects.

The Ramadan Segment, which airs on YouTube, is short, lasting no more than three minute, allowing the viewer to be engaged in the topic. The segment is meant to enlighten the viewer and help them re-discover the Quranic text by paying attention to ideas or words that seem intuitive but because of the grammatical composition or rhetorical text, may have a different meaning.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims reflect on their daily habits and spirituality through piety and self-discipline, and spend much of the month reading the Holy Quran. QU’s Ramadan Segment, which airs weekly, invites viewers to reexamine the way we understand Quranic text, and read it with an intellectual mind frame and creative astuteness. Each episode will guide viewers to discover ideas they may not recognize on their own.

Source: Qatar University