Qatar University Signs Agreement with Qatar Olympic Academy

Doha, Qatar University (QU) Department of Student Services and Activities and Qatar Olympic Academy (QOA) signed an agreement to establish collaboration in sports-related areas.

The agreement was signed by QU Student Services & Activities Director Abdulla Al-Yafei and QOA Executive Director Saif Mohammed Al Naemi in the presence of officials from QU and QOA.

The terms of the agreement include collaboration on the development of administrative and technical qualified cadres who are capable to advance Qatar Sports sector, as well as the exchange of athletes to participate in international sports activities and to share their ideas and experiences in sports-related areas. Both parties will also cooperate on hosting sports delegations and trainers and experts in physical training, and on developing applied sport sciences.

In the terms of the agreement, QU will provide QOA with access to its sport and administrative venues to organize training courses. QOA will also provide QU with a platform to conduct future academic and specialized courses and research on sport administration and laws, sports for people with disabilities, sports medicine, and anti-doping.

Commenting on the agreement, Abdulla Al-Yafei said: “Qatar University is keen to create a balanced environment that integrates academic and sports activities and help students to enhance their academic performance and to enrich their experience. QU launched this year the Department of Sport Activities and is currently working to establish more sport venues in both male and female campuses. Being the national higher education institution, QU is increasing its international visibility by encouraging students to participate in international and local sporting events and tournaments.” Saif Mohammed Al Naemi said: “We are delighted to sign this collaborative agreement with QU, my alma mater that graduated many leaders in Qatar. Having strong relationships with international sport stakeholders and partners such as the International Olympic Committee does not hinder us from establishing collaboration with Qatar University as an academic institution that gathers hundreds of national youth. The agreement will allow us to set up many training programs in topics related to the Sports sector.”

Source: Qatar News Agency