Qatar University and Istanbul Technical University have signed a memorandum of understanding on Monday 18 January 2021 to boost the cooperation between the two entities in the fields of Science, Technology and Education, and will be managed by collaboration between specialists and academics from both institutions. This memorandum of understanding comes as part of the assertive commitment of Qatar University in enhancement of its collaborations with universities worldwide, and enriching the areas of science and research in education.
The memorandum of understanding was signed by Dr. Hassan Al-Derham, Qatar University President, and Prof. Ismail Koyuncu, Istanbul Technical University Rector in the presence of Mr. Mert Ozmert , the Deputy Head of Mission and First Counsellor and the Charge d’Affaires at the Embassy of Turkey – Doha, and Prof. Mariam Al-Maadeed, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Qatar University, and other distinguished guests from both universities and industry.
The memorandum of understanding emphasized on the cooperation and methods of collaboration between the two entities, especially in the field of scientific research, which is reflected in the academic pathway falling under the strategic plan of Qatar University, striving for excellence in scientific research through innovation with the involvement of local and international stakeholders, to strengthen research and impact socio-economic development.
This memorandum of understanding is a result of collaboration between the center for Advanced Materials at Qatar University (QU) with the group of Prof. Syed Javaid Zaidi, QAFAC Chair Professor and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) with the group of Prof. Levent Trabzon for research collaboration in the field of water desalination and water treatment. The two teams from QU and ITU have published research papers and have successfully applied forjoint research projects.
The signing of the MOU of QU with ITU will further boost the research collaboration between the two institutions and provide opportunities for capacity building to excel in the field of science and technology for the benefit of the people of the two countries as water desalination and treatment is strategic to the state of Qatar as well as Turkey. This is the first time QU is signing an MOU with ITU, which is the top technical university of Turkey.
The collaboration and MOU will also provide framework for exchange of experiences and educational, academic and scientific experiences, exchange of Information including newsletters, journals, studies, statistics and other data, conducting studies, and holding conferences, meetings, and training and exchange of faculty members and/or research scholars.
In his speech for this event, Dr. Hassan Al-Derham, Qatar University President, said: “This MoU is a culmination of a successful collaboration that has been ongoing for the last two years between research groups from both universities. It will help develop academic and industrial collaboration in engineering and science for advanced nanomaterials applications, and will provide opportunities and enable knowledge and experience sharing, in addition to building capacity and facilitating training, education and student/faculty exchange. The two universities have come together for the first time to put forward ambitious plans to serve the community and raise the living standards in Qatar and Turkey.”
Prof. Ismail Koyuncu, Rector of Istanbul Technical University, delivered his thoughts by saying that “Istanbul Technical University is a deeply rooted and powerful educational institution which is advancing firmly towards its 250th year. Our university is a leading technical university among not only the universities of our country but also international universities. ITU has put signature to major projects and innovations that have led to the transformation of the technology and technical infrastructure of our country. We have carried out many reforms with these practices and are in efforts to add to those to which we have executed today.
Our objective for the forthcoming days is to execute a versatile advance, especially towards internationalization and international affairs. Partnerships, starting from student and academic exchange, will continue under new headings and technical fields. Within this context, the protocol that we have entered into with Qatar University is a significant indicator of increasing mutual cooperation in the fields of science and education, scientific thinking and the coalition of students and academicians. The collaborations will be carried out between the two nations and their researchers and students, thus providing scientific and technological advances in both Turkey and Qatar.
In conclusion, this valuable protocol of partnership signed by the two universities is also by way a document signed for the education, science and R&D centres of both countries, and for this reason is very important. Congratulations to both countries for this partnership.”
Prof. Nasser Alnuaimi, Director of Center for Advanced Materials at Qatar University praised the signing of this memorandum of understanding, and considered it animportant step forward for scientific research and collaboration between the two universities. In addition, it will be considered as a new era in the collaborations between the two countries in the field of scientific and technical education in line with Qatar University’s strategy to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030 in water security, as the collaboration between the Center and Istanbul Technical University is in the field of water desalination using reverse osmosis.