Qatar University Announces Second Faculty-Led Spinoff, ClearExhaust LLC

Qatar University (QU) announced Wednesday the spinoff of its second faculty led startup named ClearExhaust LLC. The spin-off was founded by Dr. Samer Fikry, Professor and Scientist of Mechanical Engineering at QU’s College of Engineering.

The founder along with his team of mechanical systems design and engineering have developed a novel design and technology, that promises to radically reduce carbon emissions from diesel engines, which are a major contributor to global warming.

The spinoff of ClearExhaust is a direct result of QU’s recently accelerated steps towards establishing a holistic economic development ecosystem in the University to enable scaling up the transfer of its innovations, knowledge, research and development into sustainable socio-economic impact for the State of Qatar, and contributing to Qatar National Vision 2030.

QU President, Dr. Hassan Al Derham commented on the occasion saying, “Qatar University has launched Qatar University Holding Company (QU Holding) in its process to institutionalize sustainable economic development as a third QU core mission, side-by-side with QU’s mission in education and research. QU Holding serves as a legal and support platform enabling QU faculty, researchers, staff and students to translate their innovations and R&D into socio-economic impact.”

He adds, “The Office of Strategic Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (SIEED) at Qatar University was launched as the other platform in institutionalizing economic development at QU, and has been rolling out several training and coaching programs, from which ClearExhaust LLC has emerged.”

Vice President for Academic Affairs at QU Dr. Omar Al Ansari stated: “We are delighted to see another faculty-led startup emerge from QU’s academic sector and colleges. We have made universal innovation and entrepreneurship competencies a priority for implementation in our academic programs and educational experience across all disciplines as part of QU’s commitment and strategic focus on innovation & entrepreneurship.”

CEO and founder of ClearExhaust LLC Dr. Samer Ahmed explains “Emissions from diesel engines are considered a major source of pollution worldwide. The smoke emitted from these engines is extremely harmful to human health as it causes sever diseases like cancer and asthma, it’s bad for the environment, and contributes to global warming. ClearExhaust LLC produced the first product that eliminates 100% of smoke emission from diesel vehicles and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. Our goal is to have our product installed on all moving and stationary diesel engines worldwide, with the aim of having a clean and smoke-free atmosphere.”

Dr. Samer added “We are also very grateful to the new SIEED office at Qatar University and QU Holding Company for helping us through the incubation and registration process of ClearExhaust LLC, as well as for their continued strategic involvement as members of our Board of Directors.”

Secretary of QU Holding Company Board of Directors, and Director of QU SIEED Office Dr. Mahmoud Abdulwahed said, “Qatar University is the first university in Qatar, and one of a very few in the Arab world, to adopt a holistic and ecosystem approach for maximizing its role as a catalyst for sustainable socio-economic development of the country, through innovation, entrepreneurship, and knowledge transfer across its education and research sectors.”

He adds, “ClearExhaust LLC is the second faculty-led spin-off, and is among several others in the pipeline to emerge on a regular basis as a result of the newly adopted QU Economic Development strategy.”

Source: Qatar News Agency

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