GENEVA, Switzerland, Mar 9 – Qatar said that, the protection and safety of children on the Internet is a shared responsibility of both individuals and society, especially family members, parents, friends and teachers, and all those concerned with the protection of children.

This was stated in a speech, delivered by the Second Secretary at the Permanent Mission of Qatar in Geneva, Noor Al Sada, during the ‘annual full-day meeting on the rights of the child’ held as part of the ongoing 31st session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Despite the great significance of information technology and communications to all segments of society, the risks that could result from the irrational use of this technology, by children in particular, have negative impact on their

present and future, and require the adoption of measures to keep pace with the progress in this sector, the Second Secretary said.

Al Sada emphasised the importance of communication between children, parents and teachers, to combat this phenomenon.

She added that, the Qatari Ministry of Transport and Communications had launched SafeSpace, to help parents and teachers keep children safe online. is a website filled with valuable information and resources on cyber safety.

Al Sada said, Qatar undertook necessary legislations to guarantee the protection of children online and issued cybercrime prevention law in 2014

Source: QNA