Qatar to Host Round 2 of Marathon Swim World Series 2020


DOHA, Doha is prepared to hos the second round of the 10 km Marathon Swim World Series 2020 on February 15th on Doha Corniche.

The Marathon Swim World Series 2020 is an 11 round championship. Round 1 is in Argentina on February 8; round 2 in Qatar on February 15; round 3 in Seychelle on May 3; Round 4 in Hungary on June 6; round 5 in Portugal on June 13; round 6and 7 in Canada on July 19 and August 8; round 8 in Macedonia on August 30; round 9 in Taipei on September 19; round 10 in China on October 16 and the final round11 in Hong Cong on October 25.

In February 2019 Doha hosted last February the first round of the Marathon Swim World Series 2019 with the participation of 136 of the best swimmers in the world. Germany’s Florian Wellbrock won the men’s title while the women’s title went to Brazil’s Anna Marcela Cunha.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee