DOHA, Qatar, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Muraikhi, the U.N. secretary general’s envoy for humanitarian affairs said, Qatar will host the next meeting for the major Syria donors.

The meeting aims to continue Kuwait’s efforts, in following up on the humanitarian situation and to provide effective humanitarian and development response, to enhance the capacity of affected Syrians, to tackle humanitarian challenges.

Addressing the ninth meeting for the major donors of Syria, that was held in Kuwait, Dr. Al Muraikhi stressed his support, for the fifth international donors’ conference, that will take place on Apr 6 and 7 in Brussels, under the sponsorship of the European Union, with the aim of assisting the humanitarian situation in Syria, and inviting donor countries and entities to continue their support, in light of the increasing needs of the displaced Syrians and refugees.

Al Muraikhi noted that, the meeting is an important platform for carrying on efforts, to address the Syrian crisis and boost international efforts, to relieve the Syrian people domestically and abroad.

He reviewed the latest pledges of donor countries and entities, the regional response plans and the difficulties facing the United Nations and its partners, in safely and effectively delivering aid to besieged areas, the violation of ceasefire agreement by the sides of the conflict, while daily violence continues and more residents are forced to flee.

A number of representatives of countries hosting Syrian refugees, attended the meeting, along with representatives of the World Bank and international humanitarian organisations.