Qatar to celebrate World Food Day today

Qatar will participate in the celebration of the World Food Day today, which coincides with the establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on October 16, 1945. Over 150 countries around the world are organising events that promote global awareness and action for those who suffer hungry at a time when the number of hungry people in the world is increasing as a result of many factors and crises.

Minister of Municipality and Environment H E Eng. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie said that unhealthy diets are now the main risk factor for disease and death worldwide.

The Minister said that there is an urgent need to make healthy and sustainable food systems accessible to all, and more than 820 million people in the world are hungry, 9 million children under the age of five are stunted, and 49 million people are emaciated because of unhealthy diets.

The Minister explained that Qatar?s participation in the celebration of World Food Day comes as a confirmation of the importance of concerted efforts at the level of governments and countries to eradicate hunger, and eradicating hunger is primarily a moral and human responsibility, and it is the task of all. He pointed out that at the local level, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has an important responsibility in terms of food security and natural resource development to increase production and increase the level of self-sufficiency.

He said that the agricultural sector achieve a great leap in order to cover the requirements of the local market and raise the proportion of self-sufficiency in the plant, animal and fishery sectors.

The Minister stressed that the Ministry is looking through the participation in World Food Day and the organization of a number of awareness activities that are held on this occasion with the participation of a number of agencies concerned with food security and hunger eradication, to convey the message of the need to raise awareness of the problem of hunger and forms of malnutrition and the importance of ensuring Food security and healthy nutrition.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment