Qatar Technical School for Girls graduates academically and professionally qualified female technical specialists, who are a valuable human asset for the job market and governmental bodies.

This school is the first specialized technical school for girls in the State of Qatar, and is amongst the country’s leading schools for girls.

The Qatar Technical School for Girls was inaugurated by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education at the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021, with the aim of creating equal opportunities for girls, as those for boys, by advancing women’s technical education and training, as well as increasing the rate of Qatarization for technical jobs of all sectors for women.

Qatar Technical School for Girls adopts the Australian TAFE program, offering tenth graders three technical disciplines: laboratory technology studies, electronics and communications, and the Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate certification, which all enable graduates to enroll in higher educational institutions in the pursuit of both technical and Non-technical studies, in Qatar and abroad, or to enter the labor market.

The school curriculum includes 9 academic subjects, and these are: Islamic studies, the Arabic language, Mathematics, the English language, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Social Studies and Physical Education, in addition to the three aforementioned specialized technical certifications.

Source: Qatar News Agency