THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Qatar strongly condemned the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons in Syria, and called for the need of holding those involved in these attacks accountable.

This was conveyed in a speech, delivered by the Permanent Representatives of Qatar, to the Organisation for the

Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Khaled Fahd Al Khater, before the 83rd Session of the OPCW Executive Council, being held from Oct 11-14, in The Hague.

Qatar, he said, appreciates the efforts exerted by the OPCW, with respect to the destruction of Syria’s declared chemical weapons. It also supports what has been done and being made by the OPCW, to investigate the use of

chemical weapons against civilians in Syria, especially what the fact-finding mission is doing, to find the truth, despite the grave risks facing it.

Al Khater pointed out that, Qatar’s delegation took note of the third report, issued by the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism, and submitted to the UN Security Council on Aug 24, pursuant to the resolution No. 2235 (2015); which concluded that, the Syrian regime used chemical weapons in the Syrian towns of Telmns and Srmin, and also concluded that the Daesh group used chemical weapons in the Syrian town of Mare’.

Al Khater added that, stringent measures should be taken in this regard, and those involved in these chemical attacks should be held accountable. He described the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons as a flagrant violation of the Convention and the resolution of the Security Council No. 2118 (2013), and a flagrant violation of the resolutions of this Council.

Al Khater stressed that, Qatar attaches great importance to rid the world of chemical weapons, expressing its cooperation with the OPCW. This is especially true in relation to the activities held by the Doha regional centre, which will hold more than six regional workshops, in collaboration with the Organisation this year.

He called, at the same time, for adopting Qatar’s statement as an official document of the OPCW Executive Council and putting it on the official site of the Organisation.

Source: Nam News Network