Qatar Stresses the Need for Holding Accountable All Officials Who Committed Crimes Against the Syrian People


The State of Qatar stressed the need to achieve accountability for all those responsible for the violations and crimes committed against the Syrian people, and urged all parties to urgently resume the negotiations of the constitutional committee, to reach a political resolution that meets the legitimate demands of the Syrian people based on the Geneva 1 statement and Security Council Resolution No. 2254.

This came during the statement of the State of Qatar delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative of the Human Rights Council Jawhara Abdulaziz Al Suwaidi, at its 48th session, during the interactive dialogue with the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic under item 4 of the council’s agenda.

Al Suwaidi said that the continuation of the conflict in Syria for more than 10 years has turned the country into the largest humanitarian disaster, noting that the price is being paid by the Syrian people, who have been subjected to the most heinous crimes and grave violations. She expressed condemnation for the shelling and siege imposed by the Syrian forces on the city of Daraa which left thousands of civilians either dead or displaced. She also condemned the continued targeting of civilian facilities, particularly schools and hospitals, in addition to the arbitrary arrest and torture taking place in Syrian prisons.

She highlighted the State of Qatar’s call on all parties to respond to the invitation of the UN Secretary-General to end hostilities, and stressed the importance of guaranteeing adherence to any ceasefire agreements given the Syrian regime violated those agreements in the past and only used them as a way to gain time in trying to find military solutions.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar