Qatar Renews Commitment to Multilateral International Action, Supporting UN Role

The State of Qatar renewed its commitment to multilateral international action, supporting the role of the United Nations and continued cooperation and partnering with it in order to achieve the goals for which the United Nations was established.

This came in a statement of the State of Qatar delivered by Qatar’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Jassim Sayar Al Maawda, in the general debate of the Security Council on strengthening multilateral diplomacy and the role of the United Nations.

Al Maawda said that the challenges facing the world have underscored the critical role played by multilateral diplomacy in facing these challenges and its role in strengthening international relations and supporting the efforts of the United Nations to achieve the aspirations of the international community. Multilateral diplomacy has also played a crucial and vital role in ensuring compliance with international law and advancing international cooperation. Thus, the United Nations has become the conscience of humankind and the compass that directs the international community. The UN, for more than seven decades, has become a platform for the maintenance of international peace and security, the reduction and prevention of conflicts, the achievement of development and the preservation of human dignity, he added.

He pointed out that the international system is going through a delicate stage, with big crises, conflicts and various challenges that far exceeded the expectations of the first founders of the United Nations, explaining that on basis of this reality, and with a view to advancing towards the goals of the United Nations, as a multilateral system representing the entire international community, the commitments of Member States require the development of their capacities to strengthen the role of the United Nations in order to be able to tackle international challenges.

He went on saying that the United Nations has played a vital role in facing the challenges, conflicts and crises resulting of some irresponsible policies. United Nations resolutions and procedures, as well as international legal instruments, have become a deterrent to anyone trying to tamper with international security.

“In that sense, the cooperation of Member States in achieving the objectives of the UN was a non-negotiable obligation, in particular that the conduct and policies of States had a negative and positive effect on the international community,” he added.

Al Maawda stressed that multilateral diplomacy and the support for the United Nations constitute a fundamental pillar in the policy of the State of Qatar, as it was keen to continue its support to strengthen the capacity of the international organization to perform its functions, and continued to strengthen its international partnerships to achieve the purposes and objectives of the United Nations. He added that the State of Qatar has worked closely with international actors and United Nations bodies to support all the initiatives aiming to assist the United Nations in resolving regional and international crises.

The State of Qatar, out of the belief in the principle of international cooperation and burden-sharing, has continued making voluntary contributions to many activities and programs of the Organization at all levels, and strengthening partnerships with a range of United Nations entities so that they can effectively implement their mandates, especially in relation with international peace and security, the fight against terrorism and extremism, human rights and development. Within this context, efforts are under way to open the United Nations House in Doha, which has representative offices for a number of United Nations organs, to facilitate and support their functions in the region, Al Maawda said.

“In order to support the United Nations efforts to resolve and prevent conflicts in our region, the State of Qatar’s mediation between concerned parties, as a multilateral diplomatic means, has contributed to the defusing and peaceful settlement of many crises in the region. The efforts of the State of Qatar were appreciated and commended by the United Nations,” He added.

He stressed that in line with the State of Qatar’s policy in supporting the efforts and objectives of the United Nations in the field of peace and preventive diplomacy, Qatar hosted in January 2018 the regional consultations on the sustainability of peace for the Middle East and beyond, in preparation for the high-level meeting of the General Assembly on the sustainability of peace, held in April 2018.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs