Qatar Rejects, Condemns Statement Made by Spokesman for Haftar’s Forces

The State of Qatar rejected and condemned the statement made by the so-called Colonel Ahmad Al Mismari, spokesman for Haftar’s forces, that Qatar intervened in the internal affairs and financed terrorism in Libya.

HE Ambassador Ahmed bin Saeed Al Rumaihi, Director of the Information Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the timing and context of the statement as well as the identity of the parties that instructed him to come out with these statements do not need any elaboration, stressing that the rogue and illegally funded and armed Haftar’s militia, which is known for its crimes against civilians, is the last to give testimonies about the financing of terrorism.

In a statement today, Ambassador Al Rumaihi said that Al Mismari’s statement is baseless, false and misleading allegations that contradict the facts that everyone knows. All the works done by the State of Qatar to help the brotherly Libyan people since the beginning of its glorious revolution in 2011 were clearly declared within the framework of the international system and in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy with the group of countries participating in the joint leadership with NATO. So these irresponsible statements must be avoided because they are aimed to offend and disturb the relations between peoples and brotherly countries.

He pointed out that the policy of the State of Qatar is based on clear and consistent principles of mutual respect between states and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. Therefore, to drag the name of the State of Qatar is an exposed attempt aimed at diverting attention from the failure in the Libyan affairs on part of illegitimate entity to which Al Mismari belongs. This is what led him to try to level accusations and misleading allegations against the State of Qatar and other countries and to justify the dispute between its illegitimate entity and the National Accord Government, which is approved by the international community.

He stressed that it is better for the illegal entities in Libya to turn attention away from fraud, fabricate allegations and unfounded and baseless accusations and to focus on the Libyan internal affairs and engage with the legitimate government, in order to exit Libya from its current crisis.

He condemned harassment for Qatari diplomat who was doing his duty towards the brotherly Libyan people in its ordeal and trying to develop bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries while he was performing his diplomatic duties in Libya despite the circumstances in which the country was passing. These irresponsible actions indicate the militia background of Al Mismari and reflects his dearth of knowledge about the international laws and customs as well as about the international immunity for diplomats in addition to the fragile basis on which illogical and fabricated evidence is made.

In conclusion, HE Ambassador Al Rumaihi affirmed the keenness of the State of Qatar on the strong historical relations with the brotherly Libyan people and that the State of Qatar has been and will remain supportive of the brotherly Libyan people’s choices to achieve its security and stability.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs