Qatar has stressed its support for international efforts, aimed at encountering terrorism and violent extremism.

Qatar also reiterated its belief that the terrorism of extremist groups is not different from that practised by regimes that use killing, destruction, displacement and starvation as a weapon against peoples, considering that it is a key part of international military coalition against the Daesh group.

Qatar’s statement was delivered by Qatar’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Ali Khalfan Al-Mansouri, before an interactive dialogue with High Commissioner for Human Rights on his updated information.

Qatar condemned strongly the violations and crimes committed by the Syrian government and his allies, by using various types of weapons, even internationally prohibited weapons and targeting civilian facilities, especially medical and educational ones, systematically and deliberately.

Qatar also condemned the chemical attack on the town of Khan Shaykhun, calling for immediate and effective action to protect the Syrian people and hold accountable all those responsible for the violations and crimes committed in Syria.

Al-Mansouri said, what was mentioned by the High Commissioner in his statement on the circumstances experienced by the Jews, during a certain period of history, cannot be placed with the same degree of suffering and tragedy that the Palestinian people are currently experiencing, because of Israel’s gross violations and horrific crimes committed by the occupying power, which ignore all relevant international conventions and resolutions.– NNN-QNA

Source: NAM News Network