Qatar Reiterates Firm Position in Support of Palestinian Issue

Geneva, – The State of Qatar has reiterated its firm position and policy in support of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights which could not be tolerated , and called on the international community to shoulder its legal, humanitarian and moral responsibility to take a firm stand compel Israel to comply with peace requirements.

This came in Qatar’s speech delivered by HE Ambassador Faisal bin Abdullah Al Henzab Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations and other International Organizations Office at Geneva today, at United Nations International Conference in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace, held in Geneva from 29 to 30.

HE Ambassador Al Henzab highlighted stages of the Palestinian issue and its repercussions on the aspirations and hopes of the Palestinian people, and said, “The Palestinian issue in 68 years ago passed through many tragic stages which began with occupation by Israel of the Palestinian land and the displacement and of its people, through wars resulted in Israel’s occupation of more territories , reaching to the conventions and conferences, road maps for peace, aggression, the siege on Gaza and negotiations for more than two decades without reaching a final solution.

He noted that this led to the spread of despair among the Palestinians including blank promises made by the international community warning at the same time that the continued failure to reach a just, lasting and comprehensive solution to this issue, would have serious consequences in the Middle East and the whole world.

He stressed that the violations and crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people including policies of settlement, racism practices and the statements of the Israeli government, which oppose the peace process, the principle of two-state solution and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, reveal the fact that the Israeli approach which aimed at undermining all efforts and attempts to achieve peace, and any chances of a peaceful settlement on the basis of two-state solution, and increase tension in the region.

HE Ambassador Al Henzab underscored that the just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East is a strategic option , and its requirement is to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian, Arab territories according to a specific timetable, and to enable the Palestinian people to exercise their inalienable rights , including the right to self-determination and establish their full sovereign and viable independent State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, based on the Arab peace initiative and the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy, he added.

Source: Qatar News Agency