Doha, – Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has accomplished more than 90 different development projects of high quality to serve Palestinians in Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, and the West Bank. The projects covered health, water, sanitation and higher education with a budget of over $114 million (almost QR 415 million).

In a report issued by QRCS stated that QRCS launched its projects in Palestine in 2002, then dispatched to the West Bank and Gaza Strip representatives in 2008 and continues to carry out projects in the area.

The largest contribution QRCS offered Palestine is a strategic health plan, through providing technical and financial support to the ministry of health in Palestine to carry out a detailed report on the current health state in Gaza. The plan also aims to set priorities, targets, vision, time schedule and budget for the sector in order to help government and international grantors set their priorities.

The Emiri specialized medical grants projects through Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and with the support of The Islamic Development Bank has benefited 72 Palestinian doctors and 8 technicians. It has also linked medical education with preparing specialized departments such as neurology, cardiology and gastroenterology and opening the neurosurgery department in European Gaza Hospital.

The report stated that QRCS handles establishing and equipping the specialized surgery department in Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza and recruit medical expertise and train local personnel. At this point 6,500 cardio, eye, and neuro surgeries have been carried out in addition to car for 6,800 newborns. QRCS is also carrying out the rehabilitation and development of Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem, as a plan to ensure the hospital’s survival.

In the water and environmental sanitation sector, QRCS is currently working on establishing the 11th sewage pumping station in Gaza to improve the sewage systems in the targeted areas, with the funding of the GCC to Reconstruction of Gaza project under the management of The Islamic Development Bank. Other projects include Asqula Endowment Pond in Gaza, re-use the collected water in Khan Younis and construct a rainwater capture and storage system in Beer Al-Naaja, Jabalia. These projects have benefited half a million Palestinian, according to the report.

In the education sector, the QRCS executed an integrated project to rehabilitate and develop the higher education in Gaza, which is a project funded by the Reconstruction of Gaza project and Al Fakhoora project part of Education Above all organization under the management of The Islamic Development Bank.

The QRCS gives a high importance to the development projects of special services to people with audio-visual and motor disabilities in Gaza with cooperation with disabilities specialized institutions, which are also funded by the Reconstruction of Gaza project and Al Fakhoora project, in addition to the project to empower deaf and hearing-impaired students to attend higher education institutions and equip a specialized medical rehabilitation department at Al Amal Hospital to serve patients and people with disabilities in southern Gaza provinces, while providing $760,000 in aid to upgrade Palestine Red Crescent Society in Jerusalem. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency