Qatar Ports Receives 375 Vessels in April, Up 4%

Qatar ports are witnessing a major economic and trade movement, given the fact that they contribute to providing the largest part of materials and commodities for all sectors across the country.

The Statistics of April 2017 released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics says Qatar ports received 375 vessels in April 2017, up 4% in March.

Messeid Port alone received 159 vessels weighing 2,207,029 tons, which makes up 42% of total number of vessels received at all Qatar ports. Haloul Port received 7 vessels weighing 716,428 tons, Doha Port received 7 vessels weighing 34,909 tons, Al Rowais Port received 57 vessels weighing 10,745 tons and Hamad Port received 145 vessels weighing 1,086,562 tons.

Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications