Qatar: Pledge to end abusive ‘kafala’ system must truly transform workers’ rights

Human Rights

Responding to news that the Qatari government has announced it will introduce legislation to reform its abusive ‘kafala’ sponsorship scheme, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director of Global Issues, Stephen Cockburn said:

We have long called for the end of the abusive Kafala system in Qatar, and it would be a major step forward if these measures finally allow workers to return home or change jobs without restriction. We will be closely scrutinizing the details of this announcement and pushing for any positive measures to be quickly and fully implemented.

The devil will be in the detail. Far too often workers have continued to face exploitation and abuse despite reforms intended to protect them. We hope this time will be different, and that Qatar can truly transform its labour laws to fully respect the rights of its migrant workers. This must also mean more rigorously enforcing its labour laws and holding abusive employers to account.

Source: Amnesty International