BANGKOK, Thailand – Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Mahmoud, said, Qatar is playing a leading and pivotal role to promote peace and stability in the world and will continue to foster dialogue and resolve conflicts peacefully.

This came in a speech he delivered at the Opening Session of the Second Asia Cooperation Dialogue Summit (ACD), which was inaugurated here on Monday, by the Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha.

At the beginning of his speech, as Head of Qatar’s delegation to the Summit, he conveyed greetings of Qatar’s Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to the participants and best wishes on the success of the summit.

The participation of Qatar in the ACD Summit, as one of the Founding Member States, stems from its keenness to develop and enhance cooperation between the countries of the continent, Al Mahmoud said, noting Qatar’s permanent participation in all the activities of this Forum.

Qatar hosted the Fifth ACD Ministerial Meeting in May 2006, within its keen interest to enhance mutual cooperation, which would deepen economic integration and the continent ‘s development, securing its position at the forefront of the world, he said.

Taking further steps and exerting intensified efforts are key elements to achieve such an integration, Al Mahmoud said, stressing the available means would lay the base for the promotion of a fruitful cooperation in energy, food security, transport and communications, telecommunications and infrastructure construction fields.

Al Mahmoud said, the Forum, which brings together 34 countries of the Asian continent, will contribute through the Summit’s and ministerial meetings, along with other forums, to enhance joint efforts to deal with regional and global challenges facing the Asia Cooperation Dialogue, including economic crisis, food and water security, energy security, climate change, terrorism, international cooperation, as well as, to identify priorities for this cooperation and means to achieve them.

In this context, Al Mahmoud welcomed the signing of Turkey and Nepal as members of the Forum.

As one of the world’s largest continents, homing 60% of global population and rich in natural and human resources, Asia is a hub for global growth, Al Mahmoud said, stressing, the common historical heritage, cultural and humanitarian ties and mutual respect among its peoples, would enrich joint cooperation and harmony among them.

Within a short period of time, since its inception 15 years ago, Asia Cooperation Dialogue has played an important role in creating a climate of mutual trust and good neighbourly relations in all political, security, economic and social aspects, Al Mahmoud went on to say.

On the challenges facing the ACD Summit, Al Mahmoud warned of the explosive and catastrophic situation in the Middle East, the East Asian maritime dispute and the status of Muslim minorities of South-east Asia, which affect the social fabric of the continent.

Qatar has already warned that, lacking action to address crisis could significantly exacerbate them, leading to an increase in complexity, which constitutes ultimately a threat to international security, he said.

Qatar has been playing an important and pivotal role in promoting peace and stability in the world, which stems from its core belief that, renouncing violence and extremism and condemning terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, require a long-term strategy and action plan, along with a practical approach by the political leaders, he said.

Qatar will continue to foster dialogue and resolve disputes by peaceful means, be committed to the multilateral international action, along with its keenness to enhance collaboration and partnership within the framework of the international community, to confront common challenges faced by the Asian continent, emphasising Qatar’s efforts to promote and consolidate ties with the countries of the Asian continent.

Qatar considers this summit an appropriate Forum to review and discuss visions on the prospects for Asian cooperation in various fields, strengthen historical relations between its peoples based on openness, dialogue, cooperation, stability and peaceful coexistence, among the peoples of the world.

Al Mahmoud expressed full confidence that through joint action, based on the principles of sovereignty, immunity of states and non-interference in the internal affairs of States, this Forum will achieve its common objectives and promote cohesion and cooperation among ACD Member States.-

Source: Nam News Network