Qatar Olympic Committee Organizes the Fitness and Health Activity 2018

The fitness and Health activity took place yesterday at Aspire park in its 17th edition. The activity organized by Qatar Olympic Committee annually since 2001, spreads awareness and provides various services to encourage the community to adapt a healthier lifestyle. The services administered in the Fitness and Health Activity includes multiple tests, such as: Diabetes, Blood pressure, Heart pulse, Body fat, and Body mass.

The testing services and educational pamphlets were provided by the support of Qatar Diabetes Society and Bioskin company. Both played a big role in attracting the park visitors of both genders and between the ages of 25 � 58 to participate in the testing. Qatar Diabetes Society alongside Bioskin Company were active in offering their expertise in raising awareness on the benefits of sports to enhance the health state of the body.

Qatar Olympic Committee values organizing more community events in line with QOC’s strategy to enhance community participation in adapting a healthier lifestyle.

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee