Qatar Olympic Committee inaugurates Al Enna Project

DOHA, The Qatar Olympic Committee has officially launched on Friday its annual winter camp which is commonly known by Al Enna Project in collaboration with the Qatar National Tourism Council (NTC) will last until March 2019.

The QOC’s project is bringing together individuals of Qatar society with different age groups to be involved in several sport, social and cultural events.

Al Enna is a tourism development project that aims to enhance the winter camping experience in Qatar, protect the environment, and ensure public safety.

In inauguration – post release on Friday, Mrs. Mashael Shahbik, representative of National Tourism Council (NTC) said that NTC and QOC partnership comes in effort to boost sport tourism concept.

The QOC winter camp hosted the Palestinian school in Doha where the administrators and students enjoyed the facilities of the camp.

The QOC and the QTA have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to supervise sports activities during winter camping season (Al Enna Project) which got underway on November 01.

According to the agreement, the QOC is acting as partner in Al Ennah Project which aims to strengthen winter camping experience in the country.

On other hand, the QOC will also supervise and stage all the sport events and competitions at its annual winter camp. These events include football, basketball and volleyball where winners will get prizes

Source: Qatar Olympic Committee