DOHA, Qatar, May 8 (NNN-QNA) – Qatar Museums (QM), signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU’s) with Qatar University (QU), York University, a highly established organisation in the field of marine research, and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism in Italy.

The agreements will allow the organisations to collaborate in a comprehensive study on Qatar’s marine features and underwater archaeology.

The partnership will see QM lead a research project with a team of local and international marine archaeology experts.

The first of its kind in the region, the research will explore the archaeological characteristics of Qatar’s underwater environment.

In addition to the team of specialised experts, QM will invite relevant community members, such as Qatari divers, to take part and have the chance to experience and benefit from this significant social and scientific project.

There will also be several workshops and training programmes organised in collaboration with local schools and universities.

This research project, which is due to start in the middle of this year, will run for almost five years.

Through this project, QM aims to explore Qatar’s underwater environment to help reveal and understand how its marine history has contributed to the country’s social and economic behaviours.

QM expects that this study will make new discoveries that will reveal many hidden secrets from the bottom of the sea, which was the region’s first source of income and a major route for commercial vessels.

Describing the importance of this project, Mansour bin Ebrahim Al Mahmoud, Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Museums, said, “This project perfectly reflects the leading role that QM is playing in protecting and promoting Qatar’s heritage.”– NNN-QNA

Source: NAM News Network