Doha – Qatar Media Corporation Chairman HE Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al-Thani opened today the workshop on “Knowledge Media in Websites and the 10th Meeting of the Arab Electronic Media Committee organized by Qatar News Agency (QNA) in collaboration with the Media and Communication Sector at the Arab League.

In his opening address, HE Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al-Thani welcomed the participants and participants in their country, the State of Qatar, wishing them success and making recommendations that serve the Arab countries in these fields.

Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani said that knowledge media is now a priority for life and social communication among people, noting that through today’s workshop, there will be more communication and a great deal of issues that concern everyone and those interested in the field of knowledge media.

He expressed his confidence to see positive reactions to the work of the workshop and to the work undertaken by the participants. “We will be following up on what you are doing and achieving the success ,” he said.

For her part, Assistant Secretary General , Head of Media and Communication Sector at the Arab League HE Ambassador Haifa Shaker Abu Ghazaleh expressed deep thanks and appreciation to the State of Qatar, represented by Qatar News Agency (QNA) for hosting the Knowledge Media Workshop and the 10th Meeting of the Arab Electronic Media Committee.

She said in her speech at the opening session that these events are part of the important meetings hosted by one of the Arab countries each year, and in a very important stage in which everyone looks for websites and their role in the knowledge media. She added that websites are sometimes exploited to promote extremist thought and terrorism, stressing the need to consider how these websites face such ideas.

She noted that the today’s workshop recommendations and the meeting that will be held tomorrow, are to be presented for the Arab Information Ministers Council meeting to be held after the holy month of Ramadan.

On behalf of the Arab League, Ambassador Haifa Shaker praised the facilities provided by the State of Qatar for the success of these events and hailed the important role of Qatar within the framework of the Arab Information Ministers Council.

Following the opening session of the Workshop, Qatar Media Corporation Chairman HE Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al-Thani said in a statement :”We are keen on such workshops, as they ultimately provide service for all, especially at the level of the Arab countries, in order to raise the level of communication among them,”.

He added that there is no formal agenda for the workshop, but it will discuss openly all the issues of interest to the Arab societies in the field of electronic media and the challenges they face in this field, which he considered one of the building blocks of Arab communication.

On the future of the paper media, with the emergence of electronic media, HE Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al-Thani pointed out that the paper media status and value would remain, although the electronic media today exceeded all other media, in terms of speed of information delivery and exchange of talks.

Responding to a QNA question, HE Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al-Thani said that the workshop and the meeting of tomorrow will be of great importance at a time when the Arab world and the Arab region are facing many challenges, pointing out that these events are a good opportunity to discuss the various Arab challenges and ways to find solutions to them.

Ambassador Haifa Shaker said in a similar statement that the workshop comes within the framework of many activities carried out by the General Secretariat of the Arab League through the Arab Ministers of Information Council.

She stressed the importance of electronic media, especially since the means of social and public communication are exploited by many gangs to spread extremism and terrorism. She pointed out that Arab countries should work to educate people and youth, especially on the positive exploitation of these means that spread various kinds of poisons and to emphasize that Islam is a religion of peace, not a religion of terrorism.

She said in this regard the Arab Electronic Media Committee’s website will be reactivated to allow the Arab countries to exchange more news and information.

In an answer to a QNA question on the concept of knowledge media, Ambassador Haifa said that all that can be exchanged through electronic media is knowledge including the economic, social, cultural, educational and other levels, noting that knowledge media constitutes various types of knowledge through electronic media , and could be provided to people in a positive way, in light of the great impact of various media, especially electronic ones.

The one-day workshop recommended, among other matters , inviting media stakeholders in Member States to intensify training courses and awareness-raising workshops in the field of youth knowledge media to raise awareness, in order be more immune and objective, as well as to request Member States Work on updating educational curricula at all stages to introduce special curricula for electronic media in the educational system to keep abreast of all modern technologies.

Recommendations also included that The media and communication sector at the Arab League is to call upon the ministries and concerned authorities to work on the development of codes, rules and codes of conduct in which electronic platform owners and users work to purify them of misleading and distorted knowledge, subjecting everyone to domestic and international controls and penalties that prevent them from exceeding permissible limits .

At the conclusion of the workshop, certificates were distributed to participants from the Arab countries. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency